Our Services:

Landscape Design and Installation - We can design and install a beautiful landscape for you that is easy to maintain. We specialize in the use of native plants that grow well in our region and can provide an absolutely exquisite landscape that will thrive with minimal maintenance.

Landscape Maintenance - We provide all levels of lawn and garden maintenance including mowing, edging, pruning, weed management, lawn aeration and fertilizing.

Lighting and Water Features - We can install stunning lighting and water features that are powered 100% by the sun. We offer night/day water features that store the suns energy each day. This ensures that the water keeps flowing in the evening so you can continue to enjoy these features at all times of the day and night.

Mulching - We strongly encourage the use of mulch as a means of retaining water as well as weed management. We can provide a variety of mulches to suit your needs.

Water Conservation - Through  the use of drought tolerant plants, rain barrel installations and education we can help you minimize your water use while still maintaining a beautiful lawn and garden.